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Centering Inclusion and Belonging

The SLG Hub is proud to partner with Havura NL to co-sponsor Laura Nerenberg's solo musical show, Jewish-ish, on Thursday, July 4th, for one night only.

On the heels of a stellar run at the 2024 Ottawa Fringe Festival, Jewish-ish is the story of a young Jewish person navigating Catholic school, Jewish camp and family holidays - as told through a vivacious mix of storytelling and violin playing.

Tickets start at $18, and are available now through Eventbrite

Inclusion is central to building strong, sustainable communities. How can municipalities and local decisionmakers build communities where everyone feels like they have a place?

Don't miss this special in-person performance, followed by a question-and-answer session with Laura about identity and belonging, moderated by the SLG Hub's Dr. Elizabeth Schwartz.  

with support from Memorial University's Office of Public Engagement QuickStart Fund


What people are saying about Jewish-ish:

"This show tells the funny and poignant tale of someone who grew up between two worlds: not fully at home in her culture of origin and not fully accepted in the dominant culture. Laura convincingly recreates her grade-school self, her university self, and everything in between, punctuating it all with humour and well-chosen interludes expertly played on the violin. By the end of this show you will better understand everyone you know who found themselves “between two worlds”, be it yourself, or a former classmate, or an old friend." JR

"This was a wonderful, humorous, and thoughtful play. You don’t have to be Jewish to “get it.” For all of us who have been othered, one way or another, this play will resonate. And Laura’s playing was marvellous. This is actually a two-person play – Laura and her violin." RR

"A lovely, poignant, solo show about identity. Laura’s acting and storytelling are wonderfully effective at bringing her stories to life. The violin solo interludes are beautiful, and add an evocative thematic layer. Get tickets before it sells out!" CB

"This show struck a chord with me. It is human, it is deep, it feels like any of us and in parts, all of us. The use of the violin (which the actress plays on stage throughout the show) is beautiful." SS

"Jewish-ish is a master class in balance, pacing and authenticity. The stories and music keep you leaning in from moment one. Cannot recommend enough!" JS

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